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what to expect: deliverables

Copy of Hinshaw.png

Design Board

All projects receive at least one design board to help you see how all of the pieces and design elements will work together.

Space Planning

Add on the Space Planning service to help ensure that your space will flow exactly as planned. You will send dimensions of the space & furniture you plan to keep and I will do the rest. You will receive a 2d version (pictured) as well as a 3d view. This service is perfect for all of my fellow Overthinkers. ;)

space planner.png
source links.png

Source Link Sheet

Shop for all approved items from the comfort of your own bed with the white noise of FRIENDS humming in the background. Your source sheet will be delivered with clickable links to each item as well as a cost breakdown and check list so you can feel a sense of accomplishment with each item marked off your list. 

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